Detransition, Baby is a bourgeois melodrama, just like Torrey Peters wanted

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Detransition, Baby, the debut novel by Torrey Peters, is a pretty easy-to-follow domestic romance drama. There’s a woman whose ex wants to raise a baby with her that he accidentally conceived with a coworker.

Oh, the woman in trans. The man has detransitioned. And the coworker is cisgender.

Peters wrote the novel as a way to explore the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of trans relationships. She previously self-published two novellas that she promoted as “by trans for trans.” There was no hand holding readers as she wrote stories where readers had a basic understanding of the trans community.

This debut follows suit. It’s a mainstream novel about the complicated relationships we all have in 2021. There’s no hand holding. Readers can expect a bourgouis, melodramatic novel. Just like Torrey Peters wanted.

Author photo by Dawit N.M.

Listen to the first podcast episode of 2021 as Torrey Peters talks about her debut novel Detransition, Baby.

Visit the author at her website or follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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