Zak Salih investigates what manhood means today in Let’s Get Back To the Party

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In his debut novel Let’s Get Back To the Party, Zak Salih sets two gay men on a crash course of what being a man, being queer, and being happy means. Set immediately after the Supreme Court’s ruling that same sex marriage is constitutional, Salih expertly weaves together these men’s lives even though they have a complete different outlook on nearly everything.

The book offers insight into differing opinions on how to represent yourself, how to be happy, and what things should remain a secret. I talked to Zak Salih about writing Let’s Get Back To the Party for this episode of the Debutiful podcast.

Listen to the episode as Zak Salih discusses queer culture, being a perfectionist, and how this book feels like historical fiction even though it’s set so recently.

Follow the author at his website or on Twitter.

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