Dantiel W. Moniz explores the good, the bad, and the Florida in Milk Blood Heat

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Milk Blood Heat is a collection of exquisitely written short stories from Northeast Florida native Dantiel W. Moniz. Throughout the collection, girls and women find themselves navigating love, loss, death, danger, and the weird. Moniz’s luscious prose pulls readers into a world they’ve probably never inhabited even though they’re set in one of the country’s most populous states.

Each story bobs and weaves through difficult times in these characters’ lives and each story truly builds off one another. While the collection isn’t connected through plot or characters, it’s connected through mood and tone. It’s like your favorite album: you don’t want to skip a track.

Listen to Debutiful’s interview with Dantiel W. Moniz as she opens up about why Florida gets made fun of and why it’s perfect for writers, the crafting of her short stories, and why she questioned if she could be a writer.

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