Micah Nemerever talks art, history, and These Violent Delights

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Micah Nemerever spent the better part of a decade writing his debut historical thriller These Violent Delights. Set in 1970s Pittsburgh, the book follows two freshman who become intertwined together in an all-consuming friendship. Nemerever balances the intimacy with tension page in and page out. The result? One of the year’s most captivating page turner.

Nemerever’s novel was written in tandem with his master’s thesis on queer identity and gender anxiety in the art of the Weimar Republic. He has also recently published poetry in SLICE and Claw & Blossom.

Adam Vitcavage is joined by Micah Nemerever to talk about his debut novel These Violent Delights. The two talk about historical fiction, art history, and what it was like writing a novel while writing an academic thesis.

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