Podcast Episode 04: Chelsea Bieker, author of Godshot

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Chelsea Bieker is originally from California’s Central Valley and has obtained degrees in journalism and creative writing. She now lives in Portland, Oregon where she teaches college composition as well as writing workshops for Catapult and Gotham Writer’s Workshop. Her debut novel, Godshot, takes place in the same area she grew up. In the book’s version, there is a drought and a cult. Teenager Lacey May and her alcoholic mother fall into the group and are enamored by the pastor that leads it. However, when the mother abandons Lacey May and the cult, the teenager must figure everything out on her own.

Adam Vitcavage is joined by Chelsea Bieker to talk about her debut book Godshot. The author discusses her mother-daughter relationships, how becoming a mother changed her writing, and religion.

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Thank you to Panic Baby for letting me use their song “Don’t” for this podcast.

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