Announcing the Poets & Writers’ Get the Word Out Debut Fiction Cohort

Get the Word Out, a publicity incubator program for debut authors from Poets & Writers, has announced their inaugural fiction cohort. The program is designed to pair debut authors with a Publicity Mentor who will guide them in executing a successful publicity campaign for their first major book publication.

The authors selected for the inaugural Publicity Incubator for Debut Authors are:

The Publicity Mentor for Get the Word Out is Lauren Cerand. Cerand, a publicist with over two decades of experience, has advised writers, artists, publishers, and media and cultural organizations. Some of her most recent book publicity clients include Claire Messud, Bethany C. Morrow, Sarah Ruhl, Marcia DeSanctis, Mark de Silva, Joanna Margaret, and Robert Perišić.

Support the authors will receive include workshops led by experienced publicity, sales, and marketing teams. They will also learn from peers who have successfully promoted their own books and learn what does and doesn’t work during a book’s publicity cycle.

Learn more about the program at Poets & Writers.

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