Debutiful Announces New Weekly Reading Series Podcast: FIRST TASTE

Starting October 3rd, Debutiful’s podcast feed will add a new weekly reading series titled First Taste.

The Monday morning series will feature debut authors reading excerpts from their books to whet readers’ appetites. The series will be bite-sized to help readers kick start their week on the right note with carefully curated readings from the hottest debut authors releasing titles.

Scheduled authors already include Rasheed Newson (My Government Means To Kill Me), Antonia Angress (Sirens & Muses), Kimberly Garza (The Last Karankawas), Shelby Van Pelt (Remarkably Bright Creatures), and Soon Wiley (When We Fell Apart).

The weekly series will be hosted in Debutiful’s already existing podcast feed to make it easier for listeners to discover as many debut authors as possible.

You can listen to past episodes and subscribe to your favorite podcast listening app here.

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