Digital Book Tour – Jessica Pearce Rotondi, What We Inherit

With so many author tours being canceled, Debutiful has invited any author who had events canceled or postponed due to COVID-19 to do a reading and a brief interview as part of the Digital Book Tour podcast series.

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Jessica Pearce Rotondi is a seasoned journalist whose work has been published by the History Channel, TIME, Vogue, Reader’s Digest, Salon, Atlas Obscura, HuffPost, and Refinery29. Her debut book, What We Inherit: A Secret War and a Family’s Search for Answers, was the result of nearly a decade of work. Well, a decade of her own work. She took on the task of discovering what happened to her uncle after her mother passed and Rotondi discovered documents of her mother’s research. Yet, it wasn’t Rotondi’s mother who started the investigation; it was Rotondi’s grandfather. What We Inherit is truly a multigenerational story about loss, hope, and war.


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