Come Meet Debutiful and Your Literary Community at Phoenix Public Market

I am thrilled to announce I will have a booth at the 2nd Annual Meet Your Literary Community on October 5 at Phoenix Public Market.

The event, according to the hosts, is a miniature literary festival featuring raffles, readings, pop-up performances, flash workshops, writing groups, and other activities from over 50 local authors and organizations across a variety of genres and forms, including poets, novelists, literary journals, public libraries, publishers, non-profits, poetry orchestras, improv, typerwriter collectors, theatre troupes, book artists, mysteries, romance, music, art, bookstores, spoken word, Spanish-language literature, podcasters, children’s books, zinesters, comic strips, and more.

I’ll have a small booth where I’ll be giving away debit books via a raffle as well as small goodies like bookmarks.

To learn more and RSVP for free, visit the Facebook event page. Check out more information and see all of the vendors at the event’s website.

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