Podcast Episode 00: Kimberly King Parsons, Melissa Rivero, John Englehardt, and Lauren Wilkinson

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This supersized debut episode features four conversations with some of 2019’s best debut authors.

First up is Kimberly King Parsons, whose story collection Black Light was longlisted for the National Book Award (1:15). She opens up about how equally easy and difficult her collection of weirdos and losers was.

Up next is The Affairs of the Falcóns author Melissa Rivero (26:35). She reveals what it is like to be an immigrant under the current administration and if she ever feels safe.

Dzanc Prize winner John Englehardt joins next to discuss Bloomland (46:45). He talks about a variety of topics ranging from toxic masculinity to publishing without an agent.

Finally, Obama-approved Lauren Wilkinson, author of American Spy (63:48) rounds out the show to talk about spy novels, moving to Hollywood, and the difference between writing novels and being in a TV writing room.

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Kimberly King Parsons
Melissa Rivero
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Lauren Wilkinson

Thank you to Panic Baby for letting me use their song “Don’t” for this podcast.

Visited them at www.dontpanicbaby.com or follow them on Twitter.

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