Introducing Debutiful the Podcast

The debut year of Debutiful featured over 40 written interviews with debut authors. Some were conducted in the coziness of my apartment while others were in study rooms at libraries, a random office at my day job with the state government, or in the car parked under a tree.

I loved every minute on the phone with authors and am eternally grateful for publicists who put me in contact with every writer. One thing that I was asked pretty frequently was if I ever considered a podcast.

Well, here we go.

Debutiful the Podcast is launching in January 2020!

However, I wanted to dip my toes in the water before diving in and recorded a special, supersized episode that will premiere on December 23 so you can listen to it on planes, trains, and automobiles during the holiday season.

That episode will feature Kimberly King Parsons (Black Light, National Book Award longlist), Melissa Rivero (The Affairs of the Falcóns, New American Voices winner), John Englehardt (Bloomland, Dzanc Prize winner), and Lauren Wilkinson (American Spy, Center for Fiction First Novel finalist).

I chatted with the four debut authors about their books, their debut experience, and asked for reading recommendations.

You can subscribe below at your favorite podcast listening app.

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